Written by Style Wager & Greg Older

Dela first appeared out of the crazed imaginations of a pair of gamer and fantasy buffs who also happen to be 'furry' fans and amateur cartoonists. The first sketches appeared in 1989 as a collaboration, but soon Mr. Wager was off running with a plenitude of gags involving the misadventures of a fantastical, sentient vixen ( a hooda -- a female hood from Mr. Older's fantasy realm of Mhâr).

Content Warning

May contain adult situations, however, if you could watch Seinfeld, this shouldn't bother you.-- The Webmaster.

Available Now!: Dela Treasuries 1 and 2, containing all the strips from Dela #1 to Dela #250!. Available at Alleycat Books and Jarlidium Press.

Coming Soon: Dela Treasury 3: "She's Cute For a Mouse". This new volume will reprint strips #251-375 with more background notes, art, and a new comic story with Edith.

We have Dela in Spanish and in German. We still need Japanese translations however, and if you're interested, please e-mail Style Wager!

The Strips

The Artists (E-mail links attached to names)

Style Wager

Style currently lives in Ottawa. Though he is an anthropomorphic artist (read: He's a furry artist), much of his work is largely unknown except for a small number of commissioned pictures that once graced YIFFCO's data base. He is currently seeking to expand his market into more general art and comics. His time is somewhat limited these days, but he currently accepts some commissions.

Greg Older

Greg currently resides just outside Ottawa. Though a furry fan, his real passion is writing fantasy and Role-Playing Games. Two RPG's are in the works for future release: Mhâr Fantasy, and Mhâr: The Final Frontier. Incidentally, Dela is from the MFF universe which was originally created as a backdrop to her identity. Though he once wrote and drew a comic in high school and at university (called 'It isn't easy being punk') he is not a professional artist and does not do commissions. 

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